Major League Baseballs: Buy the Real Thing

Have you ever wondered what those official Major League Baseballs are made of or even how much they cost?   For an amazing game that so many love, there really is an amazing history behind the baseball itself. How did one little ball change over the years? And how did this little ball, an important part of history and what some would call an American Dream, actually evolve?  Where can you buy them?  We've got those answers.

The first baseballs ever used were mostly home made. As baseballs became more popular, different companies began making them. The original baseball was built with a rubber core.  But with time, the baseball changed. In the early 1900’s Spalding came along and became the official ball of the major league, but by 1977 Rawlings outdid Spalding and became the official game ball of today.

Today’s major league baseballs are made by Rawlings and are created in Costa Rica. This baseball has a cork core that is surrounded by the cushion which is made up of rubber. The stuffing consists of almost 370 yards of wool yarn that cover the cork and rubber. If you have ever ripped open a baseball you will see different colored thread that shows the different stages that a ball goes through to make the “stuffing”. Finally, the cover of the baseball is wrapped in rubber cement and a cover of stitched white cowhide is added for the final touches. Not many people know that cowhide hasn’t always been used as the skin on baseball. Up until 1973, baseballs were traditionally wrapped in horse hide.

Have you ever counted the stitching on a Major League baseball? Well to be exact, there are 88 inches of red stitching on a major league baseball.  Authentic Major League baseballs once had red and blue stitching. It wasn’t until 1934/35 when balls took on their current appearance with only red stitching.  All balls are hand stitched 216 times.

Today many of us have good luck rituals or different ways we prep prior to the game. The way a player would prep the ball have changed. One ball use to remain in game play for the duration of the game. However, due to the death of a player in 1920 and beliefs that the ball was too dirty for him to see, new balls were added in throughout game play. Balls would be covered in spit, tobacco and dirt to be “ready” for play.

Today special Delaware River rubbing mud is used to prepare the game ball  for play.

What is the cost of an official Major League baseball?  Not bad, actually. It's approximately $72 a dozen or $6 a ball.

Now, what if you are at that game and have the chance for your favorite player to sign that ball for you? How are you going to get that signature to last? Not smear? Not fade or bleed?  The best writing utensil for a baseball is a simple blue pen. Can you believe it? All this information about a baseball and the best way to preserve your favorite players autograph is with a blue Bic Pen!

There's nothing like clear, blue signatures of your favorite players staring up from a collection of snow white Major League Baseballs.  It's a time-honored tradition and perhaps the most pure form of sports collecting there is. Click the links below to easily find authentic baseballs via eBay.

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