Autographed Baseball Preservation and Authentication

The first thing to remember in preserving your autographed baseball is to ensure that you get a high quality signature. The two best writing utensils for autographing baseballs are a high quality ball point and a fine point Sharpie marker. The best ink for the autograph comes from the ball point pen. This ink reacts […]

Mel Ott Autographs a Good Buy?

Single singed Mel Ott ball

He died in 1958 at the age of 49 and well before the era when there was immense demand for Hall of Famer autographs after their playing days.  Mel Ott signed a lot of them over time, but not nearly enough to satisfy the current demand.  Mel Ott autographs are among the most sought after […]

Baseball Signed by Ruth and Gehrig On ’27 Tour Brings Big Bucks

Autographed Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig baseball

A baseball signed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig from a barnstorming tour to the west coast after the historic 1927 season was among the top sellers in Memory Lane’s recent auction. The “Bustin’ Babes” and Larrupin’ Lous were in Santa Barbara, California in the fall of 1927 when the ball was obtained by a […]