Autographed Baseballs

It just seems natural.  A baseball with a pure white surface begging to be written on.  Easy to carry.  Easy to display.  A tangible little frozen moment in time that will last as long as you can properly care for it.  It’s no wonder people love to collect autographed baseballs or “signature baseballs” as some call them.

Fans have been chasing them for decades.  There are signed balls dating to just after the turn of the 20th century, but it was The Great Bambino who really popularized the art of getting baseballs signed.  Babe Ruth signed thousands of balls during his 30 years in the baseball spotlight.  Tens of thousands, probably.

It wasn’t enough.  There are more people who want them than there are baseballs to go around.

Now, high grade Ruth signed baseballs can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Some people collect team signed baseballs.  Others collect single-signed Hall of Famers or MVPs or Cy Young winners.  Others just collect autographed baseballs from their favorite players or players on their favorite teams.

Signature Baseballs offers articles to help you learn more about collecting autographed baseballs, about some of the most valuable in existence and why it’s so important to keep them well preserved for the long haul.  We also provide links to signed baseballs on eBay.  Be sure to do your research first if you don’t know much about collecting.  If you do, enjoy a website devoted only to one of the most popular collecting pursuits of all time.


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